About The Writer

WIN_20180330_15_20_32_ProWelcome to Stained Glass Confessions…

I was born and raised in Massachusetts all of my life, and my husband and I happily reside in Massachusetts.

I love writing and always have.  Writing has always been a way to escape and be in a world where clouds danced across the sky and chocolate chips jumped up and down on a jello trampoline, where gumdrops raced on black licorice roads with strawberry licorice guard rails.

Writing is an outlet for me, a place to jot down thoughts, A PLACE TO TELL ALL.  Writing is also great therapy, but it is also a great way to share with others so those who feel alone don’t feel alone anymore.

When you read my blog, you’ll get to know my beliefs and opinions.  You’ll be able to read my heart and mind in my poems and journal entries, understand my thoughts as laid out.  You’ll find words of encouragement, hope, and inspiration.  You’ll see the good, the bad, the worst, the best, joys, and sorrows. 

I don’t know how to sugarcoat, but I don’t know how to be anything other than who I am.  Please feel free to look around, and I hope you enjoy my blog.


Much Love To All,

Linda A. Knowles



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