Remember This:  Your story is just that -your story.  Tell your UNTOLD Story -the story you have kept silent for months or even years, the other side of the story that has made those you once respected separate themselves from you.

Let their jaws drop open to the floor, and let them realize they were wrong about you.  Let them realize you have a mind of your own, that you know more than you say, that you observe more than you let on, that you don’t need their approval, and that they cannot imprison you by what they say about you or by what actions they take against you.  Let them realize they are not the reason for your success or for the better choices you have made for you and for your life.


If no one is encouraging you, then let me encourage you today; Free yourself up, and let it all hang out.

Much Love To You All, L.A. Knowles

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!  Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.” -King David

Living Life Out Loud & Not Behind A Mask


I have found it better to live life out loud because I have found when you conceal everything about yourself rather than letting others get to know you, you will never allow yourself to be held accountable.  Accountability and taking responsibility are part of life.  Concealing your struggles and pretending you’re a picture-perfect person will never allow you to heal.  When wounds are exposed, those wounds can be cleansed and then can heal… and in this life, I have quickly learned one thing:  There are only very few I will allow myself to be accountable to and allow myself to receive Godly counsel from.  I don’t just let anyone speak into my life.

MASK 1*Remember thisIf you decide to wear a mask, you will only be able to wear it so long before (1) your mask begins to fall off, (2) before your mask shows who you are little by little slowly slipping off(3) before your mask completely falls off, or (4) before someone strips the mask off your face for you.  Free yourself up, and take off the mask.  At least if you take off the mask, you won’t have to worry about someone stripping it off for you.  When you strip the mask yourself, it’s on your terms, not on someone else’s terms.  Be genuine because it’s okay for you to be yourself.  The right people will come along who will accept you just as you are, flaws and all…


Much Love To You All,

L.A. Knowles

Road Less Traveled By Robert Frost


I’ve always loved this poem;

and for some reason, this poem has stayed with me.


Robert Frost - Road Less Traveled By 2.jpg


There are so many times I wanted to do things my way, but in the end, I ended up doing what is right.  I have this thing with sleep; I like it, and it likes me.  So when I do the right thing, I sleep well.  I can lay my head down at night and sleep away.


I believe in absolute truth, and taking a road that not many take (that road less traveled by) and my conscience is clear.  God is my final authority, and therefore, to me, the opinions of others and their approval of me is not needed.  God will hold me accountable for the things I do and the things I say.  He is my Judge, and when I do self-examinations and search my soul, I’m my own worst critic.  God is more merciful to me than I am to myself.


My faith is important to me, and I enjoy being able to live my faith and meditate on verses from the bible.  When I meditate on bible verses, I find it helpful, and it keeps me focused on what’s important – Doing the right thing, loving God, and helping my neighbors.


Yes, the road less traveled isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it in the end.


🙂  May your dreams be tranquil and may they be sweet.


Much love to all….

Diamond In The Rough